Western Maryland Lemonade

PHONE: 301-697-0205
EMAIL: sales@wmdlemonade.com

It's Homecoming season!!! Share the spirit of Homecoming with a custom designed lemonade package. We can decorate any label with photos or images in any color or any flavor complete with team colors and graphics. These make great gifts for decorating lockers.

The cost is $2 per bottle (12 ounce) with a one time set up fee of $5 to design the label. Minimum order is six bottles of one flavor. Discounts are available for larger orders ($36 per case of 24).

IMPORTANT: Western Maryland Lemonade has to be kept cold at all times. This is what makes our lemonade taste so good. If you are planning on decorating a locker at school, we recommend a small cooler packed with ice that can fit inside the locker. Although our product tastes best and looks best in glass, we also offer plastic bottles to prevent breakage.

Here are some examples of our custom work: